Hello again

Since the time I last updated, I’ve moved offices, gotten married, travelled, done some cool stuff. There still isn’t any one particular thing I want to talk about.

What is content?

Is there anything original that I wish to create? Frankly, it’s been a while since I created anything. Consumed, yes. Created, no.

Were humans not made to consume in part, and create in part? Yet, many of us will live without truly creating anything. Does that mean we’re incomplete?

The impulse to create is a living one. Which means it’s possible for the impulse to die. When that impulse dies, what else dies?

Perhaps my understanding of creation is too narrow. I’m only thinking of creation in the form of:

  • another life – babies
  • art – drawn, written, sculpted, performed, etc.
  • things – inventions, innovations, etc.
  • ideas – new businesses, dialogue, etc.

If I have not done any of the above, does it mean I’ve not been creating? I’m not sure that there are other forms of creation. If so, then I am merely consuming and recycling. There is nothing noteworthy that someone elsewhere hasn’t already done.

So if I’ve lived, but not created, can I still say I’ve truly lived?


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