Names and Faces

I’m bad with names, sometimes with faces. There are ex-boyfriends whom I’ve met in passing and I can’t quite remember if I know or dated them. I am sure to a certain degree I dated them, and yet cannot be 100% sure. There are people who I knew for a good 2 years and whom I studied with quite closely whose names I have simply not bothered remembering.

It’s not that I am callous, or that I’m snobbish. But there is just some information I cannot, or choose not to, retain. The SO calls this my “academic thing” where I only retain important theories and info, much like some academics with selective memory.

At times it feels like my brain is just slipping from lack of use. Nothing much to exercise it with. And it sometimes worries me that my lack of memory is the early sign of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

I do comfort myself with self-assurance, such as thinking that I choose not to remember info that just won’t be of any real value. Again, it sounds rather callous, but it’s actually more like a coping mechanism. And honestly unhelpful when you need to remember some things.


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