Fear, Life and Death

I fear the unfulfilled life. I imagine a car tyre blow while I walk by, killing me instantly. And it makes me wonder, do I fear death, or do I fear a pointless death of a pointless life?

There’s a lot, a lot of drivel guised as life advice about living meaningfully, taking it a day at a time, going after your passions, etcetcetc. ad infinitum.

How do you live a life of any kind of significance, and significance to whom? Is it enough to do something and do it well? Or enough that you do good?

It seems most people just do what they end up doing from a stream of conscious and unconscious choices. A lot of the self-help type advice don’t actually tell you what a meaningful life is. It is meant to help you make decisions.

But reality is that many people do not have a choice nor an opportunity to make decisions for themselves. Or they make false choices. So a lot of this self-help advice either do not apply to a great number of people or are used to justify choices.

Why do people care so much whether they’ve made the right choices?

It goes back full circle to that insecurity, that fear that you may not have lived a life of significance to anyone, even to yourself.

I did not write this to provide answers or life pro-tips. I can only say that when you take a good hard look at that fear, you may or may not find a breakthrough.

Do I fear death or do I fear life?


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