What is family?

On my sunny island home, some uptight extreme conservatives have been spewing hate. Insisting on the government’s official stance of a family that should consist a man, a woman, and a child. Insisting that this be the only family unit.

These people do not love family. They hate family. They hate it so much that they must confine it to a very specific, recognisable form otherwise it is not family.

Is this the imagined majority? Are people really so narrow-minded here? What are they afraid of? Where are the real demons?

What about divorced families? Single parents? Childless couples? Very close friends? This isn’t just about our LGBT community. It is about the larger narrative of what a family is.

Traditionally, family is sacrosanct. But who came up with the definitions anyway? It has always been easier simply to bully the minority into silence.

After many years, my family finally lives together. But what constitutes a family? Just bodies living together? What if you’re deeply unhappy? What if your family comprises people you detest, despise or who may not be decent human beings?

People are so hung up about defining family so that they can legitimise their lives. But we lose the larger narrative that we only need to be decent human beings. Things like family are a subset of this narrative; why should we not be allowed to define for ourselves what family is?

I don’t need the government to define for me what family is. Family is what I hold dear, and everybody has people who are precious to them.

We have all gone crazy, losing the larger narrative.


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